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Yaoyijun Alloy Feng Shui Education Tower Feng Shui Nine Levels Wen Chang Pagoda for Education and Career and Business Growth | Table/Desk Decor and Gift Items (Red Copper Colour)
Binding : Kitchen
Brand : Yaoyijun

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Price: $19.99



This beautiful  carved 9-level alloy Pagoda is used to activate the Wen Chang star for education as well as suppress down the bad energy.   

The pagoda is known as the temple of knowledge, harmony, and peace. 

The pagoda is a strong feng shui enhancer that brings literary success, protection, career advancements, and auspicious luck. This beautiful ornament is a perfect gift for those pursuing a higher education or seeking career advancements.   

The pagoda is make out of Chinese alloy. The dimension of it is approx.  7" in height. Pagoda Application in Feng Shui As a powerful symbol of the path to wisdom, the beautiful pagoda is said to possess great power to tame unruly minds and calm internal chaos. 

Pagodas are able to ward off negative chi and provide protection, educational luck, knowledge, and good fortune to energize its owner. The pagoda's many levels are used to imprison evil spirits and ward of bad chi. 

As the common saying goes, a person who is strong and capable stands firm like a pagoda , and is resilient to troubles. 


1. Place the pagoda behind you at work to increase career luck, allow you to gain influence and respect, and protect you against negative business luck. 

2. Place the pagoda on a desk or bedside table for educational luck, better concentration and memory, and mental focus 

3. Place the pagoda in an entrance to safe guard your home or shop. 

4. Because the North East is the universal sector for education  - according the Pakua Aspiration Trigram - place the pagoda in the north east for educational success and literary success.

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